Sites & Blogs that Inspire & Support

For me reading articles, blogs, online grief support and messaging with people going through grief loss is very helpful to my process. It makes you feel less alone that there are others riding waves with you. (while you wish no one else was experiencing what you are). We often hold each other up on our boards when the waves are too big to navigate alone.

  • Widowed Village is a great page with many segmented groups you can look for suicide survivors, people who lost spouses the same year, people who experiences loss at the same age, etc. I highly encourage interaction on this site.

  • Christina Rasmussen Site is amazing and I get her Blog entries every Friday in email. I also just purchased her book and will let you know more on that soon.

  • The Strongest Girls Have A Loved One In Heaven by Holly Riordan

  • My First Year as a Widow – Ten Things I Learned by Jodi on her blog Extra Grace Required

  • Option B: Coping with Grief Facebook Closed Group on Grief and Loss. Based on the book by Sheryl Sandberg

  • Running Forward…. My Way –
    • An amazing blog by a lady named Kerry who started her grief journey August 2016.

Have you found any sites, articles, blogs or support groups you think would be helpful? Please add them to comments below!

2 thoughts on “Sites & Blogs that Inspire & Support

  1. Hello Dana, I honor your decission to share your story of loss and heartbreak. I know first hand how much courage it takes to do that. I invite you to check out my own blog that I launched in 2016 on the four year anniversary of my husband Claude’s suicide. If you find it helpful I would be honored if you wanted to add it your list of resourses. Many blessings and love to you as you travel along this path through grief. ❤


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