Resourceful & Reading

During my process I have found amazing value in the following books:

  1. Live to Tell by Ben Schwipps

My review:

Ben did a great job with this book. He let us into his mind as best that he could explain to someone who may not have these feelings. He leads us on his journey and we follow along. I felt like reading this helped me to understand depression and anxiety more. This is the first story about  suicide attempt resulting in survival that I have read so it was very difficult to read his pain. Ben we root for you to continue to live and find happiness and joy. We root for you to continue to get the help that works for you.
Ben’s accounts did reinforce that the journey toward improvement has to start by the person reaching out to get help and support. It is unfortunate that some people do not reach out and get help and they forever change the course of their lives and their loved ones lives. Ben thank you for putting your story on paper I am certain it will save lives of those struggling and even help those grieving the loss of their loved ones to understand the mindset better.

Ben has courage to tell this story. Sheila thank you for helping Ben to get this out there and for understanding the need for more education in this subject area.

2. Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide by Beverly Cobain

My review:


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