Year 2 in Grief Waves

It is so true when they say year 2 is harder in grief. It is so lonely some days with no one to talk to. Tonight I cooked a nice meal and I would have loved to share it with someone. I am grateful for my friends who have been there for me. It def helps. It feels like I take one step forward and 3 back some days. I hope that I can find a partner in crime again. Dating is so hit and miss. I have been through a lot between the sociopath, the ghoster, and the date ditcher lol. I am trying to learn how to date, what to say and not say, how to play the game that guys require. I know there are some good guys left though. I think I have a lot to share with someone. I am more patient, more understanding, and more calm than before loss. I am a more balanced person. Yoga is outstanding. I just have to keep on keeping on but it is not always easy. It is hard to see friends change or to lose people but I know that it happens as I have changed too. I try hard to be a good friend but sometimes I mess up to and I am sorry for that. And when I apologize I mean it. Thank you to those who have and continue to be there. I am thankful for you. Bauer is getting a bit older and that has been really hard for me as I see him struggling w stairs. Work is going well, and seems to be going in a good direction. I recently got some help for my ADHD. I am happy to say it has made a huge impact on me. I try to share my life struggles so that others feel ok to talk about theres. There is always someone there to listen. #erasethestigma #griefwaves