Friendsgiving with the Misfits

Matt asked that I start entertaining and being around people again in one of the medium readings. Since then I have used the smoker twice and had two parties.

The Friendsgiving was perfect. I had a lot of wonderful people here to spend the day. Each of us were without parts (or in my case all of) our families. We decided to eat together rather than be alone. We ate, drank, laughed, ate, drank, and played Cards Against Humanity.

Two days of cooking was well worth the joy we had spending the day together. A bunch of random misfits that I am happy to be a part of.

We went around the table telling what we were grateful for. I choked up a bit on a couple of areas of course when I said some of us are grateful for those here in spirit (Matt) and those we wish had come (a cute boy).

Almost everyone listed, family, friends, and pets as what they are most grateful for. Even the 3 teens put their smartphones down long enough to answer.

I could have laid in bed and wallowed in a pool of self-pity on the 2nd solo Thanksgiving, but instead I cooked, laughed, loved, and smiled.

Friendsgiving was a success!


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