Patience and Balance

My current charter is to learn to be patient when I want to dive headfirst. To know that what is meant for me will come. To be thoughtful in my decisions. To realize I will have happiness again even if it takes time. To know there is a plan for me. I am grateful for my intuition which guides me. The stronger that grows the easier it is for me to learn to be patient. The more aware of myself I am the easier it is to practice this new charter. What is meant will be. What I want and need will come in time.

In my past life I have had to put myself out there first always, now I am learning to lean back and let it come my way more.

Patience in myself is difficult for me to give because I am harder on myself than anyone else. I want to walk side by side with those things that are right for me and not be ahead or behind of the situation.

My passion and excitement for living often comes off as impatience so I need to work on my messaging. I am not trying to rush through this world but instead find a balanced approach filled with light, love, peace, and mindfulness.

In all aspects of life, I am uninterested in having anything that isn’t 100% meant for me, that doesn’t improve me as a person, that isn’t clear to those around me that it is right. If someone doesn’t want me in their life or serves me as a negative energy; I would rather be free of their vines. I have already done this with a few people and it makes me stronger. I am no longer interested in chasing, or making things fit that should not. If you want me in your life you will let me know. If it is meant for me I will know.


I am finding patience, balance, peace, strength, growing passion, and living every moment. Be Here Now.

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