Breaking Free and explaining the Tornado

I just don’t care about you anymore. It was 5 weeks of falsehoods, fake promises, lies, and deceit. It was 5 weeks of looks that had nothing behind them. Cold and calculating. Manic and Manipulative. Providing me the bare minimum and taking the maximum anyone could give. I am done with it all.

You picked me up like a tornado, beat the crap out of my soul, tried to take my heart and stomp on it, and wanted to break me. When I landed on my feet again it felt like I had been whipping in the air for 5 months not 5 weeks.

Now I am close to 3 weeks away from you. I no longer find you funny, I no longer see the happy times, I no longer trust anything you ever said or did. I read the best website that explains your personality disorder to me. It is not anything I did wrong. I deserve so much more. You are blocked on my social media, my phone, and my life. The pictures are being deleted. The memories will fade with them.

I found a few positives in the 5 weeks.

  • I made two friends. They are great and supportive.
  • I figured out that though I am vulnerable I am strong.
  • You tested my resilience and I passed.
  • I held true to myself and my therapy. Knowing I did not kill my husband like you tried to manipulate me into believing.
  • Being around you taught me more on red flags.
    • Identify and get out fast.
    • I tested this on Friday and identified the “Miami Narcissist” immediately. He was love bombing already on day 1. Trying to get me to hang out after hours. Nah, I am wise to the super charm. I know it to be fake and false.

Behind those beautiful blue eyes and mesmerizing smile there is NOTHING.

You know what the best part is you will never read this. Because you are out of my life for good.







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