Where is the Bearded Hero?

Seriously these online dating sites…

Match –

  • I cannot even begin to tell you the downright frightening things that come to me.
  • Today “I want to meet face to face. I am a doctor so you have nothing to worry about”= 1st message.

OK Cupid –

  • low already…
  • 480 people gave me a star!
  •  Out of that I right swiped a few….very few… which means I am PICKY. Which I always have been and always should be.
  • 10 of us agreed everyone immediately Ignore how one of the first was the NARC. How he pounced on me at first arrival *within hours of building the profile*.
  • Then it came back with “low matches
  • And a stellar and life changing message from a dude “YEP” his entire message
  • Then a guy with great questions and several coherent words. He is also apparently already tied up w Mary Jane….
  • Seriously?

So what are the options for a lady who works from home, travels for work otherwise, and loses her husband in the time that every other female and male she knows is working on procreation and in wedded bliss.

I am too young for the divorced, to old for the never been married. I am in Widow Limbo.

Oh and why is it that on Tinder I come across your single friends… and you never once messaged me that you have one… I am onto you!

Leading me to this list of personality traits. You see my brother claims the secret is real and visualization is helpful. Here is my attempt.

  1. A real man
  2. Conquered and dealt with his own baggage and shit (and willing to share the experience or lean on me if needed)
  3. Honest
  4. Open and willing to communicate
  5. Enjoys having fun
  6. Willing to live in the moment and be here now.
  7. Affectionate
  8. Confident
  9. Strong
  10. Self Aware
  11. Stable
  12. Protective
  13. Gives of himself freely
  14. Patient with my feelings
  15. Vulnerable (in a good way)


Alas I drink wine alone, take Jeep trips with the dogs, schedule Meetup Groups in our area which will mostly be woman. I try- I get up, I move, I work out, I put myself out there. I forget the pain. I persevere.


One thought on “Where is the Bearded Hero?

  1. I’m nervous about starting to date. But I want so badly to have back what I lost! I do think it just has to be a numbers game. I am scared that I’m going to super discouraged by it all. But hope I too can persevere and put in the work to find what I want. I’m going to think of it as work, it’s going to be a job, these dates are going to be job interviews. A really good book i found is called ‘Love After Loss’, she akso lost her husband to suicide and the book is all about dating after loss, it’s encouraging and she has a lot of good tips! You can find it on Amazon.

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