Open Letter to the NARC- no contact and anonymous blog means not showing him but oh so cathartic!

  • Your “best friends” name – Learn to spell it he is a better human than you can dream to be!
  • Crunchy PB is disgusting as fuck. I cannot even pretend to like it. I hate it with ever fiber of my being. I just tried it. I would mail it to you but you don’t deserve the supply.
  • You are boring as fuck. I love getting up and doing.
  • Our life consisted of eating, drinking, sleeping, you knowing, tv, coffee, VGs, and ….
  • I am the fun one! I do more in 1 day than you do in 1 week.
  • I hate you like I have never hated anyone
    • useless emotion but it is where I am sorry not sorry.
  • Your WHITE blanket is brown
  • But hey your cup is cool as Fuck! Love that thing. It holds the RBV so good when I turn it over.
  • Thx for the Cran Vodka I am enjoying it now on the rocks.
  • I have not consumed the last of the RBV only because shooting them w the 22 is going to be more fun.
  • J said thank you for the Crown Apple idea. She drank it all night at the show. We did not say as not to hurt your feelings since you had a bad night. But since you lie… and you have no heart… She will buy her own bottle soon.
  • Travis Scott thank you so much for him cannot wait for the new album to hit- I think it’ll be fire
  • I put the bunny slippers on hold babe…. I mean its hard to find 14/15’s for you and after all the temperature in here warmed up to a nice 72 the day you exited.
  • The dogs hopped in for their first ride in the new car. They loved it. C sat right on “your seat”
  • Oh all my friends hated you…. they forgot to tell me
  • FUCK YOU since I never got mean or mad or angry!
  • I am stronger, braver, and though I care so much more than I should about you, I am over you.
  • You aren’t all demon, I think I saw you once or twice. Scared, tired, falling asleep on me. Showing me things, sharing bits. I fell for that guy, be him for someone soon or
  • YOU WILL DIE ALONE without HELP… I cared. You made me go.
I will add to this I am sure as more things develop. Cheers and I wish you well because I am human with feelings. Get help you sociopath.

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