“August and Everything After”

The title just came to me because of course listening to Music has been such an important part of my life re-entry.

I think I am starting to feel like there was truly  “August and Everything After” just like the Counting Crows named their album. August marks month 10 without my husband. In almost all respects I am further along than I expected myself to be. Things are not easy all the time of course but life is being lived.

  • Met a Great Guy in month 10 and we are dating and taking it slow. We do not do the heavy stuff yet. It is ok with me most of the time. I hope someday we will share more about each other but for now we are enjoying time together.
  • Continued on my path of not giving a FUCK about rules/the order of things.
    • Invited said Guy out to a house party on the day we met each other online asking if he wanted to break all the rules!
  • Purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in month 10.
  • Took control of my health in month 10. Determining that I may once and blue moon need something to calm me down and allow me to focus.
  • Got caught up at work after weeks of beating myself up over being foggy.
  • Prioritization began that I was planning to do after month 12….
    • leaving behind a volunteer position that meant the world to meant the world to me at one time.
  • Stopped being a doormat to the people in the volunteer group who did not respect me enough to treat me well.
  • Broke away from my theory that living could only begin truly after the first year.
  • Stayed out having the best time until 4am. Smoked Hookah for the first time!
  • Put down my phone/laptop/to truly enjoy the moments.
  • Grieved on the 10 month mark by shedding a few tears and talking to my brothers.
  • Just like the medium said I would I began to put even more things of his away.
  • Stopped wearing my engagement ring on the right hand and put it away for good.

There is no particular order of these things. I am sure a few of these things weave into one another. Life was meant to be lived. Driving the Jeep brings a smile to my face. Looking into his blue eyes even though I do not know what we will mean to each other makes me giggle. Letting go of things that no longer serve me makes me lighter. Happiness is sneaking in where all there had been was sadness, guilt, blame, shame, and loss. I am trying hard to make sure that I recognize the progress, know it is coming from me and me alone. Yes meeting a great guy is wonderful and fantastic but I do have to give myself credit for my progress apart from him. I am ready to date him because of this progress.



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