Dating… is that what you call it?

Am I crazy?
I want to go out on actual dates and get to know someone. I don’t want to live on the apps forever and I don’t want to be stalked either. So I do not want to provide you all my personal info right away. Did you just ask me for my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, & phone number all within 4 minutes of messaging me?

On Inviting me to Netflix and chill:
Why do guys think a girl would go to their house when they do not know them? What girls are going because clearly someone is taking these guys up on the offer?

Why did I bother with my bio?
The slackers that are on the site clearly could not be bothered to read it anyways. Most do not put any effort into their bio. Leaving you with no information so even if you find them remotely attractive you have no idea what to even talk about or ask after you swipe and match.

Things I included on my bio:
My interests so that the person could have some ideas on what to talk to me about. Things that some guys may not like so that would rule out people who I could not be with. “Must love dogs”- for example. I included the fact that I am a widow. I finally put something about “looking for a quality guy who actually dates and courts a woman – no one night stands”. I include some pictures that are really me, that are not taken in bathrooms, that are not old. I did not borrow someone’s kid or pet

A few images to show you the types of messages I get first:


Dating Sites Tried so far:, Plenty of fish, OK Cupid, and Tinder.

I am currently on Cupid and Tinder.

First date:

Meeting at a bar in Raleigh: Guy shows up with a tank top and sits at the bar waiting for me to arrive. We sat at bar whole time he seemed very nice. No spark. No real effort. Just a nice guy.

Second date:

Guy messages me lets me know he will deploy in a couple of months. I thank him for his service and say it is not good timing to meet. He does not like my answer and persists a few hours later. Assuming he would not join I say if you are in need of a night out you can meet me out with my friends. He does show. He is cute. We drink and actually kiss (my first kiss since my husband passed away). We hang out the next day as we hit it off. And then he got crazy, angry, bitter, strange, and clingy. By day 5 he had to be blocked. (OK Cupid)

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