My Support System: My Dogs

My dogs love their dad more than words. Especially the older male. He was his buddy and his partner in crime. He respected my husband immensely. He does not lick and kiss anyone, ONLY my husband.

My little lady she grew to love her daddy so much she would roll on her back and let him pet her belly for hours! She would give kisses on his face and beg for his pats.

When he wanted a nap in the bedroom both doggies would saunter.

Before he passed away he let them outside to enjoy the evening and not be stuck in our home without bathroom. That evening when I came home I noticed they were outside late at night which was a red flag. He wanted them to be cared for. I took the old man to say goodbye to his daddy that night. I think he understood daddy was gone.

Our dogs meant so much to us. And they are my family now. They allow me to cry buckets into their fur, they listen when I SCREAM loudly about the unfairness of my life.

My dogs took months to adjust to living without their dad. They had to learn several homes, routines, and states. Their bellies were confused. They would patrol the yard at all hours learning the area. They would guard the door from any male who came close to me.

Thank you to my support to my babies to my hearts. Thank you B and C for letting me yell and cry buckets into your fur. You are my reason for getting up every day when I thought  I could not do this. You are my family and I will never let you down. I will wake up at 1 am when your bellies hurt and 7am when your bladder needs it and 11pm when you need a moment to check the perimeter of our home. I will be your mom, your friend, your companion. I will not leave you behind while I grieve. We grieve together. You may not be labeled as emotional support dogs but you truly are my Emotional Support. I love you both.

You are my world and I wake every day to enjoy my day with you both.

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